Three Smart Online Privacy Tips For Business Owners

Business owners use their computers to basically run their business. Important business documents, client information, inventory records and more are all stored on computers. Business owners also use e-mail to communicate with employees, clients, distributors and many other people. While using computers simplify and add convenience to daily office tasks, they’re also susceptible to online cyber attacks that can potentially ruin a business. Read the information below to learn three essential online privacy tips that can help business owners keep their business safe.

Use Strong Passwords

While this may seem like a common sense tip, many business owners don’t take the time to create strong passwords that are difficult to detect by online hackers. The best and safest passwords are those that are long and that contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and special keyboard symbols. Business owners should never use passwords that have a personal meaning, such as a pet’s name, a spouse’s birth date or the name of the street where they lived as a child. Strong passwords are those that are nonsensical and have alternating letters, numbers, capitals and symbols.

Encrypt E-mails

An e-mail that’s meant for only a business associate, an employee or a customer to see can actually be seen by anyone unless the e-mail is encrypted. Business owners can get a personal e-mail certificate that allows the user to digitally sign their e-mail before it’s sent. This digital signature tells the recipient that the e-mail is definitely from the person they know and that’s it’s safe to open and read. If cyber criminals try to read the e-mail they won’t be able to because it will contain unidentifiable jargon.

Change Computer Settings

Many business owners aren’t aware that they can change various settings on their computer so that it’s more secure. Business owners should change their settings if their laptop makes a connection to any Wi-Fi automatically. All too often the connection is made to the computer of a cyber criminal. Disabling the file sharing option will keep hackers from opening private documents when entering the network and the installation of a firewall will also help to keep criminals out.

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