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Starting a Blog the Right Way

There are so many websites online at this moment. This should not stop you from launching your blog. With the right approach, you shall earn your place online. Here are what you need to look at closely to get to the desired level.
You need to first go for a topic that shall interest you the most. Some people go for only those topics they believe can make the most money. This is not the wisest approach, as it soon begins to feel like forced work. Those who pick topics they love rarely ever think of it as too much work.
You should get your domain registered. The name chosen shall influence the brand in a major way. You need to go for an encompassing but unique name. That name needs to be identical to the site name. Anything different shall mean readers get confused.
At the same time, pick the right blogging platform. There are many free blogging platforms out there, which many people use. The problem with free ones is that they can introduce changes you have to way of avoiding. You are better off with a self-hosting blogging platform, such as (not .com) or SquareSpace.
You then need a reliable hosting service. This service is best when you go for the paid kind. There is not much difference between free hosting services as there was in free blogging platforms. You shall get a much faster, more reliable service with excellent customer service added.
You need to install analytics right from the start. This shall be your window into how your customers found you, who they are, and other important data. You can use that data to reach more customers.
There is a need to work on your email list. This should also be from the beginning. You shall have a network and database for reaching customers independently.
Make sure you always respect the copyright laws. There is a need for you to always confirm whether an image you are interested in using has any copyrights on it. You instead need to get into the habit of using those free under Creative Commons licensing, or to pay for stock images. Do not lose the records of your license to use them.
You should also get into the habit of posting regularly. This shall see you sustain the interest of your readers as you build a certain image. Do not go overboard, but keep a consistency such as a weekly or twice weekly new posts.
There are even more tips you need as you start, such as networking with influencers, avoiding being a perfectionist, and setting realistic goals. It is not realistic to expect the blog to be an instant hit. You need to work on it patiently as you add more readers. You shall read more on this site.