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Why You Should Use Only Organic Body Scrubs

There’s nothing better than scooping out a handful of refreshing body scrub after a long day at work. The problem is, a lot of body scrubs these days are more harmful to you than good. They’re usually very tough on the skin, robbing it of its natural oils and irritating it as a result. Of course, those plastic microbeads are just totally bad for the environment, ending up eaten by aquatic life or polluting our waterways.

If you’ve been using the usual commercial skin products, you may have experienced your pores becoming all clogged up with the oil buildup. This is the primary reason you should regularly exfoliate your face (once or twice a week is good). This will not only unclog your pores, but also remove those dead skin cells, revealing newer gorgeous skin. Without a doubt, exfoliation is an important part of any effective beauty regimen, but what about those harmful chemicals commonly found in mainstream body scrubs?

The answer is simple: switch to organic. Below is why:

Non-Hazardous Ingredients

Adults typically expose themselves to around 168 hazardous chemicals everyday, from phthalates to sodium lauryl suphate to parabens and more, all common ingredients found in cosmetic and body care products. These are all carcinogens that can wreak havoc in the body.

Skin Absorbance

Your skin has a high capacity to absorb everything you expose it to. Your deodorant, skin lotion, hair color – all of these find their way into your bloodstream like you actually swallowed them. As you may already know, these things are bursting with chemicals, and that is just bad for your system.

Soaring Autism, Birth Defect and Cancer Rates

This scenario is rather reasonable, with most people being reckless in their choice of cosmetic and personal care products.

Rising Infertility in Women

Based on a major study, pregnant women and those of child-bearing age have more tendency to be infertile or have defective reproductive systems because they are constantly exposed to common chemical ingredients.

Toxicity in Unborn Babies

Studies that analyzed umbilical cord blood have found that fetuses or unborn babies can carry as many as 232 chemicals. This proves that children start being exposed to these chemicals in vitro, and may have to deal with the consequences for a lifetime.

Lack of Safety Testing

A lot of mainstream skin and body care products, body scrubs included, are not subjected to safety tests. In fact, only a total of 9 ingredients were banned or restricted by the FDA in the last 67 years.

Organic Works Better

Lastly, organic body products work better simply because they have no ingredients that can disturb your body’s natural harmony. Long as you’re certain that the product is organic, it’s the best you can get.

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